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How to Bridge the Gap Between Thai and Western Dating Culture

Thai and Western Dating culture are like two shores of river! It is almost impossible to make them meet and get them in synch to each other. But the cute part in this is the fact that Thai women are attracted towards hot and independent men of Western culture and the guys of western culture fall for beauty and innocence of Thai women! If the destiny wants both of you to be together then you both have to work towards making this relationship work! It is always two sided and hence both of you have to honestly try to make it work! This post is to highlight the gaps between Thai and Western Dating culture along with advice as to how can you bridge these gaps!

How to Bridge the Gap Between Thai and Western Dating Culture

1. Public Behaviour: In Thai culture, it is not considered healthy to display public affection. Even holding hands in public are frowned upon! In initial dates, your girl might be very uncomfortable with you holding her hand or touching her anywhere in public. It is tough for you as you have been brought up in open Western culture! Your parents might have kissed in front of you but that is not the case with Thai culture. So you need to understand her boundaries and background and may be once you start dating, it would be comfortable for her if you hold her hands or touch a bit in public.

2. Family Hierarchy: Thai people are born and brought up in huge family structure. May be that is the reason they have more values and ethics than in people of Western culture. You might find it difficult to adjust with their family structure if you have been nurtured in nuclear family but the welcoming and loving nature of the whole family will make you feel pampered. Their hospitality and culture is just full of love! Later on when she moves with you then you have full independence to decide on your style of living. Seeing you happy and comfortable, she would adjust in any environment and surroundings!

3. Traditional culture: Thai people still stay in conservative and traditional culture where they like to earn their bread, pay their mortgages on time, have good food, watch TV, sleep and repeat! They are fun loving but their fun derives out of family gatherings. They live simple life and find their happiness in small things! But people of Western culture are happening and want something fresh and new every day. So it might seem difficult to have a Thai woman adjust into your routine but if you see the conservatism is because of restrictions placed. She also wants to fly with wings of freedom and by bringing her into your culture; you are giving her the gift of freedom. She might feel isolated in beginning but will gradually adept into it!

As mentioned before, the cultural gap is huge but with little effort you two can figure this out among yourselves! After all a cute Thai woman and sexy Western man, make up a perfect couple!