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Top 4 Thai Women Dating Tips

Good boys go to heaven and bad boys go to Thailand! Have you ever heard of this phrase? If yes, then you must have judged that this post has something to do with Thailand! Thai women are beautiful and sexy and many men pursue them and may be that is the reason that you are also reading this post! If you have ever met a Thai woman and her attitude, behaviour or persona have got you intrigued then this post is for you! And if you have never encountered a Thai woman and planning to do so then read on to find some interesting tips!

Top 4 Thai Women Dating Tips

Dress like a gentleman: First impression always lasts and this is true for Thai woman. They are very particular about hygiene and if you are not dressed up well then you will lose points. So wash and shave before you meet them, iron your clothes, wear a nice perfume as all these signify your effort towards relationship. Your personality is the first factor that attracts them towards you and hence you should put some efforts in this initial phase!

Be courteous and polite: These are very small things which might be imbibed in you naturally but are noticed by Thai women. Be polite while talking, greet her nicely, stand up and pull out the chair for her when she arrives, keep your voice pitch toned down. Thai women notice your behaviour closely and this is one thing which can be deciding factor for them. So be polite with waiters who are serving you and behave well. If you liked her and want to meet again then while departing mention this to her only if you mean it! if you don’t mean it then don’t say it because it is offensive in her thoughts. If you didn’t like her and have no plans to meet again then just say goodbye or ‘nice meeting you’ and she will get the message.

Avoid PDAs: Public display of Affection is certainly a no-no for Thai women. It is of no amazement that she showers you with abundance of love in private but refuse to give a simple kiss also in the street. It is Thai culture and you should also learn to respect it. Watch her body language before showing any signs of affection towards her in public, even if it is just a good night kiss! It’s just her way of saying that this is not the correct place and time for this!

Plan your date: Just taking her out on a normal dinner date might impress her but if you plan something different which can make her feel special, she will just love it! They appreciate each and every effort that you invest in the relationship. You might go out for a date on a lake, walk around and have casual dinner or might take her to a walking fair and spend some quality time. There is no harm in discussing this beforehand so that she can dress up accordingly! If she is dressed very classy, she would prefer a fancy restaurant rather than a fair!