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10 Survival Tips for Your First Date with a Thai Woman

You don’t know if she is the one but after sharing couple of messages and remembering what she said about your looks, personality and attitude, you smile then there is something cooking in your heart! So you are meeting her today and obviously nervous because standards of her sweetness and politeness are much more than yours! Here are ten quick survival tips for your first date with this beautiful Thai woman.

10 Survival Tips for Your First Date with a Thai Woman

1. Don’t be late: being late on your first date is an offense in any culture! So don’t be late, plan your schedule and reach before she reaches. If you are late then this means you don’t value her time at all!

2. Dress up well: Your attire is the first indicator of your personality. So dress up in your best pair of clothes, smell good, wear clean clothes and look like a gentleman! Don’t just put up your shorts and tank top!

3. Stay traditional: You should not hug or kiss her on cheeks while greeting, rather greet her in traditional Thai manner. Thai greeting is called ‘Wai’ which means bowing slightly with palms pressed together.

4. Ask her choice before ordering: Before you decide on dishes, consult her and ask what she would like to eat. Don’t just order without asking her, it is also a good way to initiate conversation and ask her about her likes and dislikes.

5. Self-discipline: Her beautiful eyes, face, sweet voice and black silky and shiny hairs will definitely make you go crazy but you have to be self-disciplined and control yourself. They don’t like public display of affection at all and specially on first date! So don’t freak her out as there are lot of things which might be common in Western culture but not in Thai!

6. Read bit about Thai culture: It would be easier for you to make a conversation if you have read a little about Thai culture. Thai women certainly don’t like those foreigners who have no idea about their culture.

7. Pay for your date: It is a lovely gesture if you pay for your date. If she insists on paying, you might ask her politely to let you pay for this one.

8. Compliment her: Her dressing sense and natural beauty would certainly sway your heart and don’t control yourself in acknowledging the same. Make sure your comment is not slutty and if you can learn something in their language, for instance ‘Khun suay maak’ then you may get bonus points!

9. Respect her opinion: Just ask what she would like to do after the date, if she says she want to go home then respect and escort her to her place. If she is willing to spend some more time then you may go and watch a movie or so but if she refuses then respect her decision.

10. Show some manners: The cases of domestic violence are huge in Thailand and thus men who are well behaved, well-tempered and show signs of stability are really appealing to them!