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How to Win a Thai Woman's Heart

It is not easy to win heart of a woman especially if she is Thai woman! They are beautiful women who are well-behaved, well-cultured, and full of ethics and manners and thus it is hard to impress them! But if you follow these tips then you can certainly win their heart and who knows you might land up safely with them in your life!

How to Win a Thai Woman's Heart

Learn about Thai culture: Thai women are really pleased to see someone putting efforts in the relationship. Your effort of learning some of the common and traditional Thai habits like greeting them known as ‘wai’ by pressing your palms together like is generally done for prayer and bowing slightly will certainly impress her. You can watch some of the Thai movies or read about it on internet. Nonetheless, if you ask her to tell you some of the Thai culture etiquettes she would be more than happy to converse with you!

Behave like friends only with other woman: Thai woman doesn’t like your bonding with other woman. They are among those who are known as ‘one man woman’ and thus if you try to act very friendly and intimate with other girls in your circle then she might not like it at all. Your image would be like ‘butterfly’ who is just interested in short term flings! Hence, if you want a long term relation with her then you need to stay away from serial dating! They might turn out to be possessive about you or might simply stop interacting at all!

Open yourself: It is ok to open up in front of her and if you are nervous don’t be shy to talk about the same. She might be as nervous as you are but if you open up and ask about her culture and tell about yours, she would be all ears. Thai women like those men who act genuine and original. If you are being fake then they might not like. So bring up your original side in front of her so that she has fair chance to understand you better! So don’t beat around the bush and be clear about your intentions and thoughts.

You have to wait for Physical intimation: Unlike in Western culture, Thai girls won’t go to our place after your date. They don’t like public display of affection so don’t even try doing it if you are not sensing comfort from her body language. She might shower you with all her love and soft touch in private after you win her heart but in initial phase she just don’t believe in sleeping with anyone! Wait for her move before you show yours!

After Date ethics: If you really liked this Thai girl with whom you went on date recently then you have to convey the same to them in timely manner. After your date ends up and you are willing to meet her again, text her and let her know how you felt. Talk about those good things which you really liked in her and then fix a next date there and then. This would make her understand your seriousness towards her and she would be looking forward to next date!